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About us...

  • Teos Real Estate ( operating since 1995 ) is owned by Varna based company Andromeda-3 Ltd. It was founded 1991 and registered in Varna County Court.
  • Teos Bureau is a jobbing-house conected with buying/selling,renting and managing real estates on the teritory of BUlgaria ,especially about the town of Varna and the surrounding area.

  • On this site you will find only real,actual and mostly detailed enough information about all real states we offer.

  • No inexisting estates! No fake prices .All prices are co-ordinated with the owners and by us,they could be commented and negotiated.

  • The ofeered estates are located and previously examined and estimated by our brokers and consultants for real estates,so a detailed information about them can be given to you.The contact to us usually begins by a phone talk or e-mail, and proceedes to the moment in which you are given the key for the buyed or rented estate.In this sometines long/short period an employee of our company is always next to you.

  • Before paying the desired estate,you will be convinced in our professionalism.The brokerage for a completed deal about buying/selling is 3% of the negotiated price of the estate,but not less than 400 EUR,and when renting 50-80% one-time payment of the first monthly rent,but not less than 100 EURO.With the exception of the due notarial taxes and dutys,all factual and law decisions for checking the property, including the lawyer's fee about juridical forming of the deal are included in the comission and do not need to be payed additionally.