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Bureau Teos provides following services:

  • Investition and law consultation about deals with real estates and their realization; preparations of every kind of documents; veryfications for complications;

  • Marketing’s, preparation and realization of successful strategies for sales (of industrial enterprises, hotels, restaurants, bars, recreational centres, warehouses, agricultural facilities, trading centres, clinics and etc;

  • Preparation of market values;
  • Constantine services during choosing credit in all financial institutions;
  • Assistance for receiving changes of real-estates statute;
  • Insurance, related to real estates;
  • Registration of companies of foreign people, documentation;
  • Assistance for maintaining the estate, making offers.











Management and Maintaining of Real Estates

  • Representation of Owner of Real Estate towards government, municipal and private institutions and organizations, including verifying and payment of taxes rates and taxes from the owner's and at owner's expense;
  • Representation of Owner of Real Estate towards Owners' meetings (floor possessing), including organizing, controlling and report about expenses overall resources;
  • Payment from the owner's and at owner's expense by the current use of the Estate;
  • Facilitation of maintain, service of the overall parts from the owner's side and at his expense;
  • Monitoring about on time payment of rents and consummative;
  • Collecting and giving the wanted rents and fees;
  • Preservation of given deposits and use of them in case of ness city;
  • Informing the Owner about the current condition of the Estate;
  • Monthly report to the Owner;
  • Overall year report;
  • Preservation of the full documentation and information about Managing of the Estate. Giving documentation to the Owner in case of requirement;
  • Monthly check of the condition of the estate;
  • Plan about emergency actions to be taken;
  • Organizing, leading and controlling maintained of the real estate and appending areas (cleaning, security, grassing and etc);
  • Organizing, leading and controlling of execution of finishing repairs in the Estate (for new construction);
  • Organizing, leading and controlling of execution of periodic or a single time repairs in the estate by request of the Owner (Repainting, reconstructing and etc);
  • Organizing and estate inspection;
  • Other additional services by request of the Owner;
  • Taxes for the management are determining of type of the exact estate and by request of client services.