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Reference No 6001

Price: 480 000E

Description: 1800sq.m; in a regulated area, electricity, water, communications, sea view

Location: Varna region, in tourist resort, 7km from Varna




Reference No 6002

Price: 80 000E

Description: 700sq.m, on main road

Location: Town of Varna




Reference No 6003

Price: 100 000E

Description: 4000sq.m, near to petrol station

Location: Town of Varna, 10 km from the centre



Reference No 6004

Price: 48 000E

Description: 400sq.m, for tourism

Location: Near Town of Varna, Golden sands



Reference No 6005

Price: 80 000E

Description: 600sq.m,

Location: Town of Varna